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Give the Water Project in Dodoma, Tanzania a Drill Compressor


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Drill Compressor Campaign

I need your help to provide our Water Project in Dodoma, Tanzania with a new drilling compressor. The current compressor has done miracles for 30 years and now is dead. It is a desperate situation because we have stopped drilling water. 

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Make a Donation

Why help buy a Drill Compresssor?

We do the drilling and drilling is both demanding and challenging for our aging equipments. For drilling water, the compressor should meet the critical requirements of high-speed, reliable performance and economy in drilling operations. The drill compressor is used to drill boreholes/wells, flush wells, and remove any dirty materials from the well. An ELGi make two stage air compressor to develop 1100 cfm/300 psi coupled with cummins engine and air connecting hose (20 mtrs) will prove to be a good choice to meet these demands. With faster drilling, it ensures higher productivity at lower frilling cost-per-foot. 


Make a Donation

We have reached our $80,000 USD Goal! Many thanks and deep gratitude to all who made donations to this campaign!

Giving Them Back 4-5 Hours a Day

With clean water a few steps from home communities get 4-5 hours of their day back, every day. Time better spent furthering education, generating income, and spending quality time with friends and family. 

Instantly Double Your Impact

one of our donors will match half of the total amount!