The Great Canadian Giving Challenge:

The creators of the #GivingChallengeCA are asking all charities across Canada, “What would you do if you won $10,000?”

Apart from our Water Project and Student Volunteer Mission program, C.PP.S. Mission Project has an Education Program that is supported by Sponsor-A-Student donation-pledges. Did you know that primary school is the only mandatory level of education, in Tanzania?

With a population of over 56 million and a majority of that population being 17 years or younger, only a small percentage of children are able to attend secondary school. This is mostly due to the wide gap between low-income wages and the ever-increasing tuition fees. Families are just not able to afford the financial costs in order for their child or children to continue on to higher education. 

This is something that is at the forefront of concern for Tanzania and C.PP.S. Mission Projects has been working hard to help alleviate this concern with the help of generous, kind and compassionate people like you. 

Here are 11 ways $10,000 would impact the lives of these underprivileged kids through the C.PP.S. Mission Projects’ Educational Program.

1. $10k would provide school uniforms for 909 children attending either St. Gaspar Primary School or Ven. John Merlini Secondary School.

2. $10k would provide daily nutritious meals for roughly 528 children (equivalent to 8 full classes) for 13 months.

3. $10k would provide 2,040 books for all students attending Form I to Form IV (grades 9-12) for 4 years.

4. $10k would pay for the manufacturing of student lockers, for boarding students to deposit their belongings in our student dormitories, which is currently in construction. 

5. $10k would sponsor 20 Tanzanian children for a full year at our St. Gaspar Primary School. Giving them access to 1st class primary education, including all study materials, 2 school uniforms and 2 nutritious meals daily.

6. $10k would provide 1 full-year of room and board for 21 students who must travel by foot for miles to get to school; or who do not have adequate shelter; or a supportive environment that nurtures & encourages them to continue their education to achieve their goals. 

7. $10k would sponsor 11 underprivileged children in Tanzania, for one year. This gives them access to 1st class education at our John Merlini Secondary School. It includes all study materials, 2 school uniforms, 2 nutritious meals daily & attendance to the annual end-of-school Study Tour (a school trip to places like the Serengeti – a great extra curricular learning opportunity). 

8. $10k would place us 50% closer to having enough funds to complete the 2nd girls’ dormitory in Tanzania. Young girls will be able to safely commute to and from school, having the freedom & support to learn in order to achieve their goals. They won’t be subjected to early marriages, working precarious jobs for their family’s financial needs, or being victims of assault/rape during their usual commute.

9. $10k would give 100 students who cannot afford to go on the annual end of the year study tour. (I.e to the Serengeti – a great extra curricular learning opportunity for them!) 

10. $10k would provide 2 underprivileged youth with a full 4-year high school sponsorship at Ven. John Merlini Secondary School. It includes tuition and all study materials, room and board, 2 nutritious meals daily, 8 school uniforms (2 per year) and attendance to 4 annual end of the year study tours (1 per year). 

11. $10k would pay the annual salaries of 5 local teachers with Standard Degrees, or 4 local teachers with Advanced Degrees. To ensure students are receiving quality education by qualified instructors with the ability to teach at the standardized or above standardized levels.

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