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About C.PP.S. Mission Projects

Together Uplifting Communities from  Poverty, Lack of Education and Diseases for 47 years

Our Story

We are a Charitable Organization founded by the Missionaries of the Precious Blood, Atlantic Province to respond to the needs and challenges facing the most vulnerable people who suffer needlessly from a lack of access to Clean Water, Education and healthcare. As Missionaries, we go wherever there is a need and we work in collaboration with our Donors and Partners to empower people and communities we serve.

True to the teaching and example of Jesus Christ, who cited the preaching of the Gospel to the poor as a sign of His mission, our Congregation has never failed to foster the human progress of the people to which we bring faith in Christ. With special care, we devote ourselves to the education of children and young people by means of different kinds of schools, which should be considered not only as the most excellent means of forming and developing young people, but also as a valuable public service, especially in the developing nations, working toward the uplifting of human dignity, and toward better living conditions. 

We also work tirelessly to give access to clean water to the people and communities in desperate need. Water is essential for life. Access to clean water and sanitation can saves lives, help break the cycle of poverty and bring economic opportunities to women and children who often bare the burden of water collection.

The Meaning of C.PP.S.

It is a Latin acronym for Congretio Pretiosessimi Sanguinis, which roughly translates into English as, Congregation of Missionaries of the Precious Blood and is the name of a Catholic Religious Order that operates globally through different provinces, such as the Atlantic Province.

This charity is an extension of the congregation’s mission in spreading the Good News that Christ has redeemed us all through the shedding of his Most Precious Blood, by helping those in need.

What We Do


Providing the Miracle of Water to Communities without access to clean Water in Tanzania.


Providing children from poor backgrounds with access to a life-changing education.


Helping vulnerable families and communities fight hunger and diseases.


Last year we drilled 10 wells and maintained 20 more, bringing clean and safe water to 450000+ people. Thank you for helping us transform lives through clean and realible water! 

We also provide education to an average of 1500 children each year. Thank you for being part in this incredible journey!

Number of Wells Drilled since 1976

Number of People with access to clean water everyday

Our Mission Schools

the average number of students enrolled per year


Charity does not lie down inactively; it is a flame that never lies still.  Work harder and harder for the good, activating it, encouraging it, and sustaining it. May Jesus fill us with his holy love.

– St. Gaspar del Bufalo, Our Beloved Founder.