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2021 Serengeti Tour

2021 Serengeti Tour

Ven. John Merlini Students Explore the Natural Landscapes of the Serengeti


In June of 2021, the Form III students of John Merlini embarked on an annual school trip to the Serengeti to visit the National Park Reserves in Tanzania. 

As part of the extra-curricular activities offered at our secondary school, we feel it is important for students to have a comprehensive learning experience, which also includes an educational trip.

Apart from studying about biodiversity in Biology, this trip serves as an extension of learning that involves the senses, providing an opportunity for students to expand their minds and experiences beyond academia. It allows them to tangibly learn about the natural environments they are surrounded by and the importance of local conservation of these natural habitats and the wildlife that live within them.

View the sliding gallery below of some photos taken of our secondary students during this particular trip. Photo credit: Bro. Benedict.

UPDATE: EducationForGirls 2021 Campaign

UPDATE: EducationForGirls 2021 Campaign


We would like to announce that since the launch of the #EducationForGirls 2021 campaign in October 2020, so far we have raised a total of $42,050 and have secured full school tuition for 49 girls: 27 primary students and 22 secondary students, which have been allocated for the current school year. 

Although, we did not reach our set goal of $100,000 within the six month period, C.PP.S. Mission Projects continues to be dedicated to empowering generations of girls and young women to achieve their dreams and reach for the stars!

Moving forward, we are happy to announce that the #EducationForGirls campaign will continue on an annual basis. We hope to make a positive impact and provide increased opportunities for girls and young women, in poor sectors of Tanzania, to explore their highest potential through education.

We look forward to our continued partnership with YOU!

Introducing an Essential School Program for Girls

In addition to our annual commitment of raising funds to empower girls into becoming empowered young women, we are looking to see how we can better support their most essential needs while studying at our C.PP.S. Mission Schools. 

More details about this prospective essential school program for girls will be posted in the upcoming weeks. We hope to have the program implemented by 2022. Click here to visit our blog’s home page. 

Additions and revisions to this campaign can be seen in the paragraphs below.

What is Our #EducationForGirls Vision and Goal Moving Forward?

C.PP.S. Mission Projects’ top priority moving forward is to continue investing in girls by running the Education for Girls campaign on an annual basis and hoping to raise a total of $100,000. We want to provide more girls with the opportunity to find their sense of empowerment, attain literacy, and have a safe environment through our education programs in Tanzania. Ideally, the funds will provide full scholarships to 88 girls at St. Gaspar Primary School and 46 girls at Venerable John Merlini Secondary School for the duration of one year. However, depending on the amount raised in the upcoming months, the numbers of girls sponsored may vary. Updates will be provided at the end of each annual cycle. 

How YOU Can Make a Difference

Investing and educating girls is one of the best gifts we can give to Tanzania, for today, and for its long-term sustainable development. To empower girls in Tanzania, we need your partnership!

Support a Girl in Primary School

Your support of $65 per month for 12 months (or $450 annually) will provide a girl with 1 year of high quality education at St. Gaspar Primary school.

Support a Girl in Primary School

Any amount of support you can provide is much needed and highly appreciated in our initiative to help end child marriages, child labour, and sexual exploitation through education.

Support a Girl in Secondary School

Your support of $110 per month for 12 months (or $1300 annually) will provide a girl with 1 year of high quality education at Venerable John Merlini Secondary school.

Together we will work tirelessly to provide quality education and a safe environment for girls. Please, donate today!

You can also donate to this campaign through our CanadaHelps page.

UPDATE: Drill Campaign 2021

UPDATE: Drill Campaign 2021


Earlier this year, we began an urgent campaign to replace the compressor component of the drill equipment, crucial to the operations of the Water Project. Through the grace of God and your support, in generous donations, has made it possible for us to purchase a new drill compressor for the Water Project in Tanzania.

The purchase of the drill compressor (photo below) was made earlier this week. We are now able to continue to provide more communities and hundreds of thousands of people with safe and clean drinking water.

Look forward to more updates on the water project!


Notable thanks to the following people, who went above and beyond in helping us to meet this essential need:

             J. Bell             J. De Andrade           G. Fleury-Fournier           S. & C. Frith

    J. & R. Gennaro               J. Hull                    M. & W. Nother            M. & E. Pollock

        K. & J. Singh             J. Maclean                  G.Tourigny                    J. Tries               

           T. Zettel                  L. Condola            TGA Contracting & Restoration                   

World Water Day 2021: Drill Campaign

Valuing Water
Water Month Awareness Theme for 2021 and prompts us to reflect on the question:
“What does water mean to me?” Join the larger conversation on social media using #Water2Me #UN #WWD2021 .

“Water is Not a Luxury”
It is easy to take pipes, tanks, and treatment systems for granted and forget how water services protect public health. Reliable affordable water services are crucial to a safe, functioning society. Water is a precious commodity we take for granted. Hot and cold water is a luxury that many parts of the world still do not have. We just turn the faucet. Are we grateful for this instant access to water?

As citizens of a developed country such as Canada, and as global citizens in the large scheme of things, it is our responsibility to solve this problem, one village, one region and one project at a time.

Our Impact
In the past 44 years, we have drilled over 701 wells in various regions of Tanzania. Today, more than 95% of the wells built by the charity are still operating and in good working order. They continue to provide hundreds of thousands with all the health, hope and opportunity access to clean and safe water brings. Many villages and communities have been transformed by the support donors have generously given throughout the years and many more are still in need of clean water.

The Reality

Traditionally, women and children are subjected to making several trips to fetch water at the nearest unsafe ground water source and typically spend 4-5 hours doing so. Regarding preventable water-related deaths, the majority are of children under the age of 5. In light of such devastating realities, we very much want to maintain our mission of being able to provide access to clean, safe water for hundreds of thousands, if not millions of, more people throughout Tanzania for another 30+ years to come. It is a basic human right and it means less water-borne related deaths of children and adults. It allows women and girls to invest more of their time in furthering their education, generating income and spending quality time with friends and family. Basic access to clean safe water is crucial to unlocking the possibilities that life has to offer, because it is a major element in sustaining life.

What Does the Compressor Do and Why is it Important?

Drilling is both demanding and challenging for our aging equipment. To drill water, the compressor should meet the critical requirements of high-speed, reliable performance and be economical in drilling operations. The drill compressor is used to drill boreholes/wells, flush wells, and remove any dirty materials from the well. An ELIGi make has two stage air compressors to develop 1100cfm/300 psi and is coupled with a Cummins engine and air connecting hose (20 mtrs) which will prove to be a good choice in meeting these demands. With faster drilling, it ensures higher productivity at lower frilling cost-per-foot.

Campaign Objective 


To provide our Water Project in Dodoma, Tanzania with a new Drilling Compressor to continue providing local communities and other regions with access to safe, drinkable water for an additional 30+ years.

To raise $80,000 USD to purchase the compressor sold by PRD RIGS TANZANIA LIMITED.

Help US Change THIS…


How YOU Can Help:

  1. Hold online fundraisers on CanadaHelps or on Facebook.
  2. Spread awareness of our mission and this Drill Campaign in light of World Water Day. Comment, like and share our social media posts with friends and family. Invite others to like and follow us on Twitter, FB and Instagram @CPPSMission.
  3. Support our drill campaign today and make an online donation here. 

New Year Greetings for 2021!

What a year 2020 has been!

In the past year, so much has changed in our society, in the way we live, as well as how we operate. We have been wounded, but not conquered. In fact, COVID-19 has strengthened human solidarity. It has made us rise above ourselves and acknowledge one another as brothers and sisters. 

It is in this spirit, we have gone out of our way to care for the needs of the poor and vulnerable. For once, we had an excuse to say no to their cry for help, but we willingly passed on that opportunity.

At C.PP.S. Mission Projects, we have witnessed your love and kindness. All of our small victories and larger successes were only possible because of YOU – our loyal and gracious supporters. So, thank you for your generosity in all its’ forms and we pray you continue to support us in the new year ahead!

May 2021 bring the winds of change for the betterment of all. We pray you have a year filled with more joy, love, peace, health & happiness ~ Happy New Year!

– C.PP.S. Mission Projects

Tanzania Independence Day

Tanzania Independence Day

*Image credits: Spenser Sembrat, Majki Velner and Joel Mwakasege via Unsplash.



This year on December 9, 2020 Tanzania celebrates its’ 58th year of Independence.

The day is typically celebrated nation wide with speeches, parades and flag celebrations.  However, due to COVID this year, President John Magufuli of Tanzania, has decided to cancel all Independence celebrations and is redirecting the celebratory funds to purchase much needed hospital equipment for the newly built Uhuru Hospital located in the commercial area of Dar es Salaam.  Additionally, he has encouraged all citizens to partake in cleaning their respective communities in lieu of the current pandemic restrictions.

Prior to 1961, Tanzania was colonized under the rule of Britain and was called Tanganyika. December 9 marks the Declaration of Independence from Great Britain (1961) which then became Republic a year later, in 1962.

It wasn’t until the after the revolution of Zanzibar in 1963, did Zanzibar and (then) Tanganyika unite together, renaming the country, to what is now known today as, Tanzania.