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C.PP.S. Mission Schools

Our Mission Schools provide incredible opportunities to children from poor backgrounds with an enriching, safe and supportive learning environment. We strive to create makers, tinkerers, creators, scientists and explorers of tomorrow.


Education is the best tool to equip learners, especially young people, with attitudes, knowledge and skills for tackling cultural, economic, political and social problems and be able to inspire development. It is not only the bedrock of any civilized society, but also the catalyst of socio-economic growth, the foundation of justice and peace, the heart of culture and tradition, and the driving force of innovation and production. 

Nevertheless, education unlocks potential and opportunity. The better educated the society is, the better livelihood. Your support will yield a long legacy of strong, successful and empowered young men & women ready to serve, soar & succeed!

Thank you for providing Tanzania with two incredible schools: St. Gaspar Primary School and Venerable John Merlini Secondary School.

St. Gaspar Primary School Founded

Regional Ranking Standard Seven 2020 out of 507 Schools

Venerable John Merlini Secondary School Founded

Regional Ranking Form IV 2021 out of 187 Schools

We Break the Circle of Poverty Through Education

Every child dreams of what they can become—of a life filled with promise. Help pay school fees, meals, stationeries, classrooms, train instructors, protect girls, and more. Thank you for making their dreams come true.

Students Enrolled at St. Gaspar Primary School


Students Enrolled at John Merlini Secondary School


The Monthly Cost to Sponsor a Student at St. Gaspar Primary School in CAD


The Monthly Cost to Sponsor a Student at John Merlini Secondary School


When it comes to education, a fundamental human right, one that is necessary for the exercise of all other human rights, access is either denied or limited. This robs girls of the individual freedom to participate fully as citizens and in decision-making power. 

Social and cultural norms still see girls through the lens of reproduction. Already at an early age, girls engage in and spend disproportionately more time than boys in unpaid care work such as cooking, cleaning, collecting firewood, fetching water and taking care of younger household members. Such social expectations relegate them to the lower ends of socio-economic opportunity. This also means girls suffer time and energy-poverty, namely, the time and energy that could be allocated to augmenting their personal development. 

C.PP.S. Mission Projects’ top priority for 2021 is investing in girls by running this Education for Girls campaign and raising $100,000 over the upcoming months, so that they have the opportunity to find their sense of empowerment, attain literacy and have a safe environment through our education programs in Tanzania. The funds will provide full scholarships to 88 girls at St. Gaspar Primary School and 46 girls at Venerable John Merlini Secondary School for the duration of one year.

Dollars Raised in CAD

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Number of Girls Sponsored at St. Gaspar Primary School

Number of Girls Sponsored at John Merlini Secondary School