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C.PP.S. Mission Schools

Thank you for providing Tanzania with two incredible schools: St. Gaspar Primary School and John Merlini Secondary School.

Our mission school provide incredible opportunities to children from poor backgrounds with an enriching, safe and supportive learning environment. We strive  to create makers, tinkerers, creators, scientists and explorers of tomorrow.

Our students are high achievers thanks to our high-quality teachers and personnel. They are passionate about their work. They create interactive, supportive learning environments for children and integrate innovative learning methods and technologies to strengthen learning.

Most of our teachers have a bachelor’s degree and practical teacher training before entering the profession. Some go on to obtain master’s degrees. All teachers must maintain and upgrade their skills through regular professional development.

Why Support Education?

Education is the best tool to equip learners, especially young people, with attitudes, knowledge and skills for tackling cultural, economic, political and social problems and be able to inspire development. It is not only the bedrock of any civilized society, but also the catalyst of socio-economic growth, the foundation of justice and peace, the heart of culture and tradition, and the driving force of innovation and production. 

Nevertheless, education unlocks potential and opportunity. The better educated the society is, the better livelihood. Your support will yield a long legacy of strong, successful and empowered young men & women ready to serve, soar & succeed!


St. Gaspar Primary School

Opened in 2007.


“Education for empowerment”


Excellence and better life is possible to all children of the world.


To give instruction aimed to instill in students an open mind and spirit, both filled with an inner strength, and confidence in oneself and God, as well as a spirit of hard work towards achievement of a successful life filled with service to others.

Venerable John Merlini Secondary School

Opened in 2015.

Education for Service in Solidarity!

Drawing an inspiration from the philosophy of Nyerere on Education for Self-Reliance, the school is committed to providing education that will “Serve as a means by which men and women learn to deal critically with reality and discover how to participate in the transformation of their world. Nyerere envisioned school as an aid for forming young people to take such a critical stance, to see themselves not as objects of instruction but as subjects of their lives, thus effecting a social transformation marked by social, cultural, and economic equity”. 

Facts About Education in Tanzania


Dreams Crushed for Girls and Poor Children

Girls, the poorest children, children with disabilities and children living in impoverished communities are most vulnerable to dropping out of school or never going to school. Even more tragic, early marriage and pregnancy keep girls out of school. Early pregnancy accounts to almost 3,700 girls dropping out of primary and secondary education every year. More than one third of all girls are married by the age of 18, but girls from poor families are twice as likely to be married early than girls from wealthier homes. 


What C.PP.S Mission Projects is Doing

Getting Involved

C.PP.S. Mission Projects, through the generous support of our donors, has funded the construction of fifteen primary schools for government and mission organizations along with establishing six Secondary Vocational Schools specializing in the areas of carpentry, mechanics and technology and a Home craft School. C.PP.S. Mission Projects’ educational focus is now concentrated on running St. Gaspar Primary School and John Merlini Secondary School.

What We Want to Achieve

More School for Girls and Poor Children

Girls should not be denied schooling, abused or forced into early marriage or sexual exploitation. We will work tirelessly to provide quality education and  safe environment to ensure completion of education for the most vulnerable children and adolescents.

Students Enrolled At C.PP.S Mission Schools

St. Gaspar Primary School

  • Total: 1017
  • Boys 508    Girls 489

John Merlini Secondary School

  • Total: 371
  • Boys 254    Girls 117

List of Sponsored Students-2020

  • St. Gaspar Primary School: 68 out of 1017 
  • John Merlini Secondary School: 61 out of 371

As you can see, many more students need  sponsorship

Sponsor a Student!

For those who would like to ensure a student in financial need does not have to worry about losing access to their education, please consider sponsoring a student. Support can be provided at $65 per month for a student at St. Gaspar Primary and $110 per month for a John Merlini Secondary student. Contact us with any questions or to get started on sponsoring a student today!

Our Staff in Tanzania

The New Manager of the C.PP.S. Mission Schools

Rev. Richard A. Kungi, C.PP.S.

Head Master

Rev. John Furaha Henjewele, C.PP.S.


Spiritual Director

Rev. Hilary T. Ngowi, C.PP.S.


Office of Extracurricular Activities

Brother Benedict Maganga, C.PP.S.


Get Involved

Every child dreams of what they can become—of a life filled with promise. Help pay school fees, meals, stationeries, classrooms, train instructors, protect girls, and more. Thank you for making their dreams come true.