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Hundreds of thousands helped.

Hundreds of thousands more still waiting.


40 years since the first trip to Tanzania, C.PP.S. Mission Projects remains dedicated to the mission of serving our brothers and sisters in Tanzania by providing clean water to those in need!

While the generous support of donors has enabled C.PP.S. Mission Projects the ability to bring clean water to hundreds of thousands, much work still remains.

The Water Project receives requests for water wells from organizations and communities that have incredibly limited resources, predominantly all focused on providing services. Access to water not only helps ease the burdens of the organizations, but also benefits the many villagers who access services and live near by. We want to share information about these proposals and the communities or organizations which will benefit from them with you. As Father Reginald, C.PP.S., the Manager of The Water Project, receives requests, we will share them here.

It is our hope that, as you learn more about the proposed projects you can be proud of the work being done and engaged in the work we plan to do.

Should you have questions, want to learn more about the projects or wish to support one of the projects, please get in touch with us or donate here.


Clean Water Changes Everything!


And this we know to be absolutely true!

The Congregation of St. Gemma Sisters of Dodoma

A proposed water project in Ikenkwa Village, Kondoa, Dodoma, TZ

GOAL : $35, 000



  1. Reproductive Child Care Unity
  2. Dispensary
  3. St. Gemma Sisters of Dodoma
  4. Kindergarten
  5. Ikenkwa villagers

On-going management of the well will be the responsibility of:


St. Gemma Sisters of Dodoma

Established in Dodoma, Tanzania in 1947 the Congregation of Saint Gemma Sisters of Dodoma are in engaged in a variety of activities ranging from Education, Evangelization, Health and other community and social services.

The main focus of the proposal will be to aid the Mother and Child Health Clinic at Ikenkwa. Having access to clean water is vitally important, particularly during and immediately after child birth to ensure infections do not set in, causing further health concerns.

Beyond the maternal health clinic, support for mothers and young families extend to a Kindergarten Centre and a Dispensary to provide both preventative and curative services to the villagers.

The borehole well will benefit the entire community for years to come. That said, the Sisters are not in a financial position to cover the cost of the well and so, they are seeking funding support in the amount of     $35, 000.00 which covers the complete cost of the well installation from start to finish including: a survey of the land to determine the best place to drill and access water, the preparation of the site, the installation of the well, the pump, the cistern, the tests. reports and all supplies and labour needed.

Here, young villagers search for water with donkeys in tow to help carry home the water from what they hope is a successful search.
A water source in Ikenkwa
This is a source of water for the villagers of Ikenkwa.
A well that has run dry in Ikenkwa
Here is a well which has run dry in Ikenkwa. Still some try to obtain water by climbing in and digging-something that is quite dangerous.

Kigwe Social Economic Development and Training (KISEDET)

A proposed water well project serving Chigongwe, Dodoma, TZ

GOAL : $ 35, 000


KISEDET Beneficiaries