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C.PP.S. Mission Projects

Become a life changing gift to those in need.

C.PP.S. Mission Projects is dedicated to supporting and empowering the communities in which we serve. We strive to act as a vehicle for our donors and stakeholders to bring about a meaningful and sustainable change with a focus on three areas: Water, Education and Service.

like the mustard seed we take root and spread out. one person, one village, one community at a time. And you are the sower.


The works of God are like the mustard seed which, when thrown into the ground, continues to grow in such a way that it very soon becomes a robust plant which spreads its branches out in a marvellous way and its roots deeply into the bowels of the earth. let us remind ourselves to cooperate together so that the fruits of the holy mission will remain stable and permanent.

– St. Gaspar del bufalo, Our beloved founder