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About Rosemary

Form II Enrolled Student at Ven. John Merlini Secondary School  |  Class: 1-C
Start of Study/Sponsorship: 2013  |  Expected End of Study/Sponsorship: 2023
Sponsored by Robert & Partricia W. as of Jan 2021.


Rosemary C. S.

Her Story

Rosemary was born in a family with two brothers and one sister. Her parents Genoveva (a cook) and Cosmas (unemployed) enrolled her to St. Gaspar Primary school to get a better education. She entered our Mission schools in 2013 where she attended STD 1 and has since graduated from there in 2019, moving on to John Merlini where she now attends as a Form II student. 

Things I like …






Reading books

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Rosemary's Photo Gallery

Most recent photo taken in January 2021.

Rosemary's Photo Gallery

Photo taken in 2017 during her studies at St. Gaspar Primary, STD 6.

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Dreams, Future Goals and Aspirations

“When I grow up I want to become a doctor because I want my country to become healthy.”

– Rosemary 

Academic Progress Report 2020

Student Name:   Rosemary C. S.               Teacher(s):   Imani Ayoub

  • Final Average 92% 92%

Below is a visual report of this student’s academic performance for the most recently completed school year and semester.

  • Kiswahili 86% 86%
  • History 84% 84%
  • Geography 91% 91%
  • ICT (Computer Science) 89% 89%
  • English 90% 90%
  • Mathematics 81% 81%
  • Physics 83% 83%
  • Civics 87% 87%
  • Chemistry 87% 87%
  • Commerce 99% 99%
  • Book Keeping 90% 90%
  • Biology 92% 92%

Previous Progress Reports

This section here is this student’s archive of progress reports by year, in PDF format.
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Progress Report 2021 – Rosemary S.
Progress Report 2020 – Rosemary S. 

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