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John Merlini Secondary School

Established in 2015

SCHOOL MOTTO Education for service in solidarity


SCHOOL MISSIONThe mission of Merlini Secondary School is to provide qualified education to young men and women with good intellectual capacities and to accompany them to fully developing their human, intellectual and spiritual talents to achieve a mature personality. Merlini Sec. School gives first option to students who have successfully completed Primary School at St. Gaspar Primary School and come from Miyuji and Msalato Wards of Dodoma Municipality.


SCHOOL VISION: Our vision is the graduation of all young men and women attending John Merlini Secondary School based on Mwal. J.K. Nyerere’s perspective of “…education as the principal means to self-reliance…[it] must work for the common good, foster co-operation and promote equality.” 

In doing so, we hope to nurture and equip them to be:

· Open to Growth. Committed to always search for new horizons for their own development and the development of others. Learning is not just personal but social.

· Insightful and have Good Judgment. Being able to reflect personally and with others and to asses and evaluate, in the context of today, what they learn.

· God-fearing. Discovering that fullness of life is in God at the service of others.

· Concerned for Justice. Dedicated to a life of relationship and solidarity, recognizing that none is “stranger” but all are equal and have the same dignity as brothers and sisters. The Social Teaching of the Church commits all to an incisive analysis of social conditions; to make judgments in light of values such as dignity, justice, and solidarity; and to act with the needs of “the least of our brothers and sisters” in mind.

Our Mission Projects Schools abide fully by the requirements laid out by the Tanzanian government.

The educational system is based on the 7-4-2-3 system: 7 years of primary school, followed by 4 years of secondary school, (Forms 1-4), followed by two more years (Forms 5-6).

After the final year of secondary school – the thirteenth year – students can  go on to a two-year institution and receive a diploma in specialized area, i.e. teachers college, or attend university and complete a Bachelor’s degree in three years.

Below is the current curriculum of John Merlini Secondary School.


National Exams for John Merlini Secondary School students will be written:

November 14th-18th, 2016

Father Francis Bartoloni, C.PP.S. is the Manager of the Mission Projects’ Schools. You can learn more about Father here.

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Our Mission Projects schools are dedicated to ensuring that children have access to quality education no matter their financial circumstances. There are many students in need of sponsors to ensure they can attend school, learn and become the change-makers of tomorrow. To meet some of our bright and deserving students, click here!

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