Phone: 416-656-3054, 416-656-0722 Toll-free Canada & U.S.A.: 1-844-779-6979

Join Us

C.PP.S. Mission Projects is dedicated to meeting everyone where they are comfortable in terms of involvement and support.

Going forward there will be new initiatives that we would love for you to share through social media and word of mouth.

There will also be new ways to become more involved & deeply connected to those we each serve in our own way, such as through our blog and monthly e-newsletter.

As well, there will be additional opportunities to support the work of the Mission Projects such as our new water bottles, the proceeds from which will go directly to supporting well maintenance.

If you have an idea for a fundraiser, a project you would like to explore further or are interested in sponsoring or partnering with us on an initiative, get in touch!

We look forward to hearing your thoughts, reading your ideas and exploring new opportunities to help make further strides towards progress and clear new paths towards health, hope and happiness for those whom we serve.