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Mission Projects Schools

C.PP.S. Mission Projects operates two Mission Schools:

St. Gaspar Primary and John Merlini Secondary.


Our mission school provide incredible opportunities to children from poor backgrounds with an enriching, safe and supportive learning environment. We strive  to create makers, tinkerers, creators, scientists and explorers of tomorrow.

Our students are high achievers thanks to our high-quality teachers and personnel. They are passionate about their work. They create interactive, supportive learning environments for children and integrate innovative learning methods and technologies to strengthen learning.

Most of our teachers have a bachelor’s degree and practical teacher training before entering the profession. Some go on to obtain master’s degrees. All teachers must maintain and upgrade their skills through regular professional development.


Father Francis Bartoloni, C.PP.S. was the Manager of the Mission Projects’ Schools. You can learn more about Father here.

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Our Mission Projects schools are dedicated to ensuring that children have access to quality education no matter their financial circumstances. There are many students in need of sponsors to ensure they can attend school, learn and become the change-makers of tomorrow. To meet some of our bright and deserving students, click here!

See an aerial view of our schools via Google Earth here!

To keep up with the wonderful happenings at our Mission Project Schools, visit C.PP.S. Education Tanzania