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Ven. John Merlini Students Explore the Natural Landscapes of the Serengeti


In June of 2021, the Form III students of John Merlini embarked on an annual school trip to the Serengeti to visit the National Park Reserves in Tanzania. 

As part of the extra-curricular activities offered at our secondary school, we feel it is important for students to have a comprehensive learning experience, which also includes an educational trip.

Apart from studying about biodiversity in Biology, this trip serves as an extension of learning that involves the senses, providing an opportunity for students to expand their minds and experiences beyond academia. It allows them to tangibly learn about the natural environments they are surrounded by and the importance of local conservation of these natural habitats and the wildlife that live within them.

View the sliding gallery below of some photos taken of our secondary students during this particular trip. Photo credit: Bro. Benedict.