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“If you cannot feed 100 children, then feed one.”

~Mother Teresa 

We wish we could live in a world where no child goes hungry. While the existence of such a world is unrealistic, today we have a chance to feed 1500 children.

Our school feeding programme provide nutritious meals to children who would otherwise go hungry at home and in turn improving the capacity of the children to learn.

Meals provided are tea and a loaf of bread or porridge for breakfast, corn paste/rice and meat/beans and vegetables for lunch and dinner. Wherever possible, we serve locally produced food. This supports the local community and its farmers as well as the wider economy.

Facts About Our Food Program for Children in Tanzania


While our director was in Tanzania, he visited 158 families of children who attend our schools. It breaks our heart to say hunger still touches many children in Tanzania. Most of the families he visited do not earn enough money to meet the family’s needs, let alone send their children to school. The average family income is $25 a month. This is a reality in particular to Teresa’s family, one of our brightest students at John Merlini. Now, a drought in Dodoma and neighbouring regions has increased the needs of Teresa’s family and many others already struggling families.

Our Response

We need $200,000 to feed 1500 children, three meals a day for a year. Since we launched this campain in the middle of July we raised $127,915 and provided 60,957 meals to 1500 children attending St. Gaspar Primary School and Venerable John Merlini Secondary School in Dodoma, Tanzania. I wish I could sing a song of victory, but 2022 is long gone and 2023 is here with one urgent request: children need food. 

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