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Volunteer Mission Service


From the first starve-a-thon to raise funds for a tractor, to the first trip on through to the numerous mission trips which have occurred over these 40 years and those who served for months and even years in the mission field, service has been a key element of the organization; instrumental in manifesting all of the progress thus far.



Those with the means and ability to travel to work in the mission field experience first-hand many of the hardships encountered.

While for our volunteers, the struggles and challenges are temporary, lasting a few weeks for most or a few months for others, it quickly becomes abundantly clear just how finding ways to overcome these real struggles and provide the basic necessities for their families is a way of life for too many.

Being a hands-on part of the solution is not only a rewarding experience, many who come back say that their lives and perspective have been truly changed for the better.



Serve with Us!

If you are interested in serving in the mission field of Tanzania as part of a trip or if you are just curious about the opportunities which exist to serve for a few months to a year, contact us.

We’d love to learn more about you and have you learn more about us.

Be sure to check out our stories from volunteers for further insights into the opportunities available through C.PP.S. Mission Projects. Coming up, we will have several profiles featuring participants from the summer 2015 mission trip, along with stories and updates from those serving in Tanzania for several months, like Sarah, Ada, Dan and Teresa.

If you have a story that you would like to share, contact us! We would love to read of your experience and potentially share it here!