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Sponsor a Student!

Your Gift of Support Today Helps Shape Their Brighter Tomorrow

The Gift of Sponsorship for a

St. Gaspar Primary School Student

Your monthly support at $40 or one-time annual gift of $450 provides:

  • Tuition for 1 academic year 
  • 2 nutritious meals per day
  • Books and stationary

The Gift of Sponsorship for a

John Merlini Secondary Student

Your monthly support at $110 or one-time annual gift of $1300 provides:

  • Tuition for 1 academic year 
  • 2 nutritious meals per day
  • Books and stationary

Featured below are the students currently in need of sponsorship to ensure their education can continue without the stress of financial strain impacting their ability to attend school, learn and thrive.

A welcome package is sent to all sponsors, featuring a picture and profile of their sponsored student. In addition, sponsors will receive a minimum of two letters, per year, from their sponsored student. We highly encourage sponsors to write back through the Mission Office.

Each of the students are humbled by the fact that people whom they have never met and living thousands of kilometres away, care about their education and their future.

The students have shared that they feel special knowing someone believes in them, so much, that they are willing to bestow on them such a wonderful gift of support and generosity!

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Meet Rosemary.

Currently a Form I student at John Merlini Secondary School, who loves the sciences. Being the only girl of two siblings in her family, she very much wishes to follow in the footsteps of her older brother, who has already completed university. 

In the future, Rosemary would like to be a surgeon, so that she can heal people who are in need of serious operations.

Would you like to sponsor Rosemary so that her dream of becoming a surgeon can come true? 

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This is Emmanuel!

Emmanuel is a Form 1 Student at John Merlini Secondary School who dreams of being a pilot.

Mathematics is his favourite subject and what he loves most about John Merlini Secondary school is working with his fellow students. 

Would you like to help Emmanuel become a pilot?

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Meet Deogratias!

Deogratias is the youngest of three siblings. He has a love for dance music and takes great interest in Computer Technolocy (ICS) at John Merlini Secondary School. 

His dream is to become a journalist and one day, be able to inform his people about the on-going developments and events taking place in villages through Tanzania.

Interested in supporting Deogratias’s desire to bring about more awareness to his community and country as a journalist?

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This is Gamaliel!

He is a Form 1 student and is 15 years old.

Gamaliel enjoys studying geography and wants to pursue a career in piloting.

Along with respect for his teachers, Gamaliel appreciates the healthy and supportive environment of John Merlini Secondary school that helps him focus on attaining his dreams. 

Would you like to sponsor Gamaliel and help him attain his goals?

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Meet Joseph!

A Form I student at John Merlini secondary school, who loves to study chemistry and aspires to be a doctor.

What he appreciates most about being a student at John Merlini is the cooperation among all of the students and his teachers.

Would you like to support Joseph in his pursuit of a career in the medical field?

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This is Margareth Melecela!

Margareth Melecela is a 15-year-old in Form I at John Merlini Secondary School.

With great motivation to follow in her older sister’s footsteps and attend university, she continues to work hard in attaining her goal of becoming a doctor. Her favourite subject in school is Mathematics.

At her school, the respect and love shared among the students is what Margareth enjoys most. 

During her leisure time Margareth loves to play volleyball.

Would you like to help Margareth Melecela turn her dream of becoming a doctor into a reality?

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Meet Goodluck!

Goodluck is 16 years old and is one of four siblings.

His aspirations of becoming a mechanical engineer comes from his interest in working with machines, especially cars. His favourite subjects in school are Chemistry and Biology.

Goodluck appreciates the supportive environment the school provides, which allows him to free his mind of worries and focus on achieving his goals.

Are you interested in helping Goodluck on his journey to become a mechanical engineer?

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