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UPDATE: EducationForGirls 2021 Campaign

UPDATE: EducationForGirls 2021 Campaign


We would like to announce that since the launch of the #EducationForGirls 2021 campaign in October 2020, so far we have raised a total of $42,050 and have secured full school tuition for 49 girls: 27 primary students and 22 secondary students, which have been allocated for the current school year. 

Although, we did not reach our set goal of $100,000 within the six month period, C.PP.S. Mission Projects continues to be dedicated to empowering generations of girls and young women to achieve their dreams and reach for the stars!

Moving forward, we are happy to announce that the #EducationForGirls campaign will continue on an annual basis. We hope to make a positive impact and provide increased opportunities for girls and young women, in poor sectors of Tanzania, to explore their highest potential through education.

We look forward to our continued partnership with YOU!

Introducing an Essential School Program for Girls

In addition to our annual commitment of raising funds to empower girls into becoming empowered young women, we are looking to see how we can better support their most essential needs while studying at our C.PP.S. Mission Schools. 

More details about this prospective essential school program for girls will be posted in the upcoming weeks. We hope to have the program implemented by 2022. Click here to visit our blog’s home page. 

Additions and revisions to this campaign can be seen in the paragraphs below.

What is Our #EducationForGirls Vision and Goal Moving Forward?

C.PP.S. Mission Projects’ top priority moving forward is to continue investing in girls by running the Education for Girls campaign on an annual basis and hoping to raise a total of $100,000. We want to provide more girls with the opportunity to find their sense of empowerment, attain literacy, and have a safe environment through our education programs in Tanzania. Ideally, the funds will provide full scholarships to 88 girls at St. Gaspar Primary School and 46 girls at Venerable John Merlini Secondary School for the duration of one year. However, depending on the amount raised in the upcoming months, the numbers of girls sponsored may vary. Updates will be provided at the end of each annual cycle. 

How YOU Can Make a Difference

Investing and educating girls is one of the best gifts we can give to Tanzania, for today, and for its long-term sustainable development. To empower girls in Tanzania, we need your partnership!

Support a Girl in Primary School

Your support of $65 per month for 12 months (or $450 annually) will provide a girl with 1 year of high quality education at St. Gaspar Primary school.

Support a Girl in Primary School

Any amount of support you can provide is much needed and highly appreciated in our initiative to help end child marriages, child labour, and sexual exploitation through education.

Support a Girl in Secondary School

Your support of $110 per month for 12 months (or $1300 annually) will provide a girl with 1 year of high quality education at Venerable John Merlini Secondary school.

Together we will work tirelessly to provide quality education and a safe environment for girls. Please, donate today!

You can also donate to this campaign through our CanadaHelps page.

UPDATE: Drill Campaign 2021

UPDATE: Drill Campaign 2021


Earlier this year, we began an urgent campaign to replace the compressor component of the drill equipment, crucial to the operations of the Water Project. Through the grace of God and your support, in generous donations, has made it possible for us to purchase a new drill compressor for the Water Project in Tanzania.

The purchase of the drill compressor (photo below) was made earlier this week. We are now able to continue to provide more communities and hundreds of thousands of people with safe and clean drinking water.

Look forward to more updates on the water project!


Notable thanks to the following people, who went above and beyond in helping us to meet this essential need:

             J. Bell             J. De Andrade           G. Fleury-Fournier           S. & C. Frith

    J. & R. Gennaro               J. Hull                    M. & W. Nother            M. & E. Pollock

        K. & J. Singh             J. Maclean                  G.Tourigny                    J. Tries               

           T. Zettel                  L. Condola            TGA Contracting & Restoration                   

C.PP.S. Mission Projects – COVID Update

C.PP.S. Mission Projects – COVID Update


As many of you already know, the city of Toronto, Peel and York regions have been in lockdown since Monday, November 23rd due to the increasing numbers of COVID.  Therefore, our office will be physically closed until further notice. 

We are still accepting donations by mail (address is listed at the bottom of the page),  online through our website and our CanadaHelps page.  Please keep in mind that acknowledgement letters of donations received will be delayed, as we are currently coordinating how our staff will be working from home.  Rest assured we are doing everything we can to maintain normal operations under extenuating circumstances so that our services to those who rely on our provision are not neglected.

If you have any concerns or questions, please send us an email at or leave us a comment below and we will do our best to get back to you within 48 hours.

In this strange and uncertain time, we pray that you are all safe and healthy.

Thank you for your continued support!