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The Water Project

From the community consulting stage through to the point where access to fresh water is readily available, a lot of time, planning, patience and hard work takes place.

After scouting the right location, deep drilling into acquifers begins. Then, it is onto building water vessels and erecting windmills-it all takes a lot of organization, perseverance and sweat equity. When the water begins to flow though & communities rejoice, that reward makes it all worth it!

Click through the gallery above to see how this year’s mission projects team from Kamloops, BC helped transform a community with their weeks of dedication and hard work over the summer break.


 Clean water does, indeed, change EVERYTHING!

Father Reginald Mrosso, C.PP.S. is the Director of The Water Project.

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To ensure the water continues to flow, you can Adopt-A-Well for a monthly gift of $15 per month.

This ensures the resources are there to keep the well and the infrastructure maintained.

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