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Water Changes Everything


For almost half of the population of Tanzania, accessing clean and safe water is either difficult or impossible. As we pour gallons of water down the drain every day, sometimes without a thought, most people in Tanzania lack safe drinking water, they cannot wash their hands, brush their teeth, shower and flush the toilet. Sadly, women and children bear the weight of water crisis as they wake up early and travel long distance to gather water. Where do they find water? In unsafe sources like ponds, canals, and rivers. 

Following Christ who promised a water capable of quenching human thirst for ever, together we have worked tirelessly, doing everything we can to meet others’ need for water. While for the past 45 years about 2 million Tanzanians have been transformed by your support through C.PP.S. Mission Projects, many more are still in need of clean water. On the Cross Christ uttered, “I thirst” (Jn 19:28). May these words echo constantly in our hearts and realize concretely the need of those who thirst for water. 







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Wells Drilled since 1976

Number of people with access to clean water everyday

Last Year We Drilled 10 and brought to life 20 Wells, Bringing Water to 450000+ People. Thank you!

Why Your Support Matters

Together, we can change millions of lives with clean water and your help. Here are some of the projects your donation helps deliver:

  • Repairing and rehabilitating broken wells
  • Drilling new wells for communities without access to water
  • Delivering handwashing stations to schools, churches, and villages
  • Building filter stations to supply entire communities with safe drinking water

You give them back 4-5 hours a day

Water is life, without which we cannot live! Water helps prevent child mortality from deadly water borne, preventable diseases. It frees women and children from walking long hours (4-5 hours) searching for water, often from unsafe sources such as ponds, canals, etc. Clean water restores health and opens the door to better livelihoods. With clean water a few steps from home communities get 4-5 hours of their day back, every day. Time better spent furthering education, generating income, and spending quality time with friends and family. Children have a 100% chance of a better future, attend school regularly, enriching their community. Mothers and fathers have the time to generate income, start a business, or further their education. 

In Canada, we only make up 0.5% of the world’s population and yet we have the privilege of possessing 9% of the world’s renewable freshwater resources. Although we know water is important to our overall well-being and health, we overlook its significance in the role it plays in our lives every day. Half of the world’s hospital beds are filled with people suffering from waterborne diseases and for every 8 seconds a child dies from water-related diseases, preventable deaths if only they had access to clean and safe water. Statistics show that diarrhea and malaria, two water-related diseases, were ranked 3rd and 4th in the cause of death among children under 5 years old. 

For the month of March, we encourage everyone to be more mindful and grateful for the blessings available to us every day, in the form of Water. Take time to reflect that for every 10L of water you use, in the shower, in a bath, to cook or clean, women and children in Tanzania spend 3-4 hours walking to and from a water source that is not always safe to use, several times a day. Would you be able to do the same?