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Water is Life

Providing safe and clean water to the people we serve is the ONE most cost-effective way to end poverty. Above all, it is the most cost-effective way to save lives. Scientific research show that where people gather water from swamps and other unclean water sources, they are extremely at a high risk to contract deadly pathogens like typhoid, harmful strains of E. coli, and other waterborne diseases. 

You can help eliminate waterborne diseases for good by helping to build clean water wells and providing a windmill to continually pump up water. We are committed and determined to do whatever it takes to bring these deprived communities safe and clean water. Join us today in serving lives.

A Strong History

Since 1976, C.PP.S. Mission Projects has worked side-by-side with our brothers and sisters in Tanzania to provide access to clean water in communities throughout the country. 

Brother Anthony Canterucci, C.PP.S. is the founding member of C.PP.S. Mission Projects. For 38 years, Bro was tireless as he worked to not only raise awareness and much needed funds to help our brothers and sisters in Tanzania, but to also ensure that the assistance provided by our loyal supporters was put to use in the most sustainable and impactful way possible.

Along with hundreds of trip participants and missionaries, Bro worked tenaciously along side community members throughout Tanzania who were committed to improving their lives and those of their neighbours.

You can learn more about Bro here!

Results & Needs

Drilled 701 Wells

For almost half of the population of Tanzania, accessing clean and safe water is either difficult or impossible. As we pour gallons of water down the drain every day, sometimes without a thought, most people in Tanzania lack safe drinking water, they cannot wash their hands, brush their teeth, shower and flush the toilet. Sadly, women and children bear the weight of water crisis as they wake up early and travel long distance to gather water. Where do they find water? In unsafe sources like ponds, canals, and rivers. 

Following Christ who promised a water capable of quenching human thirst for ever, together we have worked tirelessly, doing everything we can to meet others’ need for water. While for the past 44 years about 2 million Tanzanians have been transformed by your support through C.PP.S. Mission Projects, many more are still in need of clean water. On the Cross Christ uttered, “I thirst” (Jn 19:28). May these words echo constantly in our hearts and realize concretely the need of those who thirst for water. 

Let us pray for ourselves too, so that God may continue to touch our hearts to have compassion for those who lack such basic necessities and to work tirelessly, doing everything we can to meet others’ need for water.

Maintaining Water Wells

Mission Projects wells are deep bore wells, ensuring water flows for years to come. Today more than 95% of the wells built over our 44 years are operating in good working order and providing hundreds of thousands with all the health, hope and opportunity access to clean and safe water brings.

To ensure the water continues to flow and benefit the many communities throughout Tanzania served by Mission Projects wells, you can adopt-a-well for a gift of $20 a month. It is just amazing to find out it  costs less to maintain a well than the coffee or lattes you drink per month. All proceeds go to the maintenance and repairs of the wells by the Water Project team.

Water is life, without which we cannot live! Water helps prevent child mortality from deadly water borne, preventable diseases. It frees women and children from walking long hours (4-5 hours) searching for water, often from unsafe sources such as ponds, canals, etc. Clean water restores health and opens the door to better livelihoods. With clean water a few steps from home communities get 4-5 hours of their day back, every day. Time better spent furthering education, generating income, and spending quality time with friends and family. Children have a 100% chance of a better future, attend school regularly, enriching their community. Mothers and fathers have the time to generate income, start a business, or further their education. 

Join Us!

The gift of water protects families from diseases that kill 6,000 children every day. Together we will provide access to clean, safe and reliable water across Tanzania, one community at a time.

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