What We Do

Since 1976, C.PP.S. Mission Projects has worked side-by-side with our brothers and sisters in Tanzania to bring about real & tangible progress in communities throughout the country.

The Water Project:

Windmill Powered Water Wells


You know access to clean water transforms lives!

To ensure the water continues to flow and benefit the many communities throughout Tanzania served by Mission Projects wells, you can adopt-a-well for a gift of $15 a month. All proceeds go to the maintenance and repairs of the wells by the Water Project team. Contact us for more information!

Simply put, water is LIFE!

With an aim at improving access to clean, fresh water so lives can truly be transformed, sustainability to ensure the resources needed to continually pump out the water doesn’t add further stress on communities is key-hence our windmill wells, which reduce the running  costs of pumping the water for the community. Additionally, Mission Project wells and windmills are made locally in Tanzania, contributing further to the economic stability and diversity of opportunities available within the communities we serve.

As well, Mission Projects wells are deep bore wells, ensuring water flows for years to come. Today more than 95% of the wells built over our 40 years are operating in good working order and providing hundreds of thousands with all the health, hope and opportunity access to clean & safe water brings.

Father Reginald Mrosso, C.PP.S. is the Director of the Water Project, working ardently to increase the sustainability and build upon the work he has seen transform his native Tanzania over these last 40 years. To learn more about Father Reginald, click here.

Dedicated to the mission of delivering clean water to the many still in need,                     C.PP.S. Mission Projects receives requests for wells regularly.

To learn more about the proposed projects and the communities which will benefit from them, click here.

Mission Project Schools:

St. Gaspar Primary and John Merlini Secondary

Access to quality education is a key equalizer in building strong, healthy communities that flourish.


C.PP.S. Mission Projects, through the generous support of our donors, has funded the construction of 15 primary schools for government and mission organizations along with establishing 6 Secondary Vocational Schools specializing in the areas of carpentry, mechanics & technology and a Home craft School.

C.PP.S. Mission Projects’ educational focus is now concentrated on running St. Gaspar Primary School and John Merlini Secondary School, providing a top-ranked, quality education to hundreds of students per year. Since the opening of St. Gaspar Primary in 2007, more than a thousand students have benefited from a wonderful & encompassing curriculum. This truly provides our students with a stronger start to a brighter future.

To truly excel, students also receive a healthy breakfast & lunch each day ensuring they have the nourishment & energy their bodies need to be healthy, vibrant, ready & able to learn. As well, each student receives 2 school uniforms a year, made by local seamstresses & tailors.

St. Gaspar Primary

In January of 2015, John Merlini Secondary School began its inaugural school year!

In Tanzania, attending secondary school is not a requirement as it is for children of primary school age. We know each additional year of education a student receives enhances their ability to contribute positively towards the development of their community and lift families out of poverty. Students at John Merlini Secondary School are taught: Arts (Civics, History and Geography), Language (English and Kiswahili), Business (Book-keeping, Commerce and Economics), Science (Physics, Chemistry and Biology), Mathematics and Religion.

John Merlini Secondary

Each student can now open up a world of opportunities for success and prosperity that in all likelihood would not have been accessible to them without the option of furthering their education- an option supporters have graciously helped to provide.
John Merlini Secondary school could not have been realized without the incredibly generous capital support of our benefactors, particularly:
The Corbin A. and Dorice S. McNeill Foundation


Their immense blessing will yield a long legacy of strong, successful and empowered young men & women ready to serve, soar & succeed!

Sponsor a Student!

For those who would like to ensure a student in financial need does not have to worry about losing access to their education, please consider sponsoring a student. Support can be provided at $40 per month for a student at St. Gaspar Primary and $65 per month for a John Merlini Secondary student. Contact us with any questions or to get started on sponsoring a student today! Interested in learning more about the individual students who are in need of sponsorship support? Go here to get to know them!

Stay tuned for profiles of our bright, talented and deserving students like Dorcus & David!

Father Francis Bartoloni, C.PP.S. is the Manager of our Mission Project Schools. His long held passion for education in Tanzania was instantly sparked upon arriving there in January of 1975.

This passion drives him and he is dedicated to giving students, particularly students in need, a quality education that opens doors and is a vital tool that can transform lives and communities.

To learn more about Father Francis, click here.

To learn even more about St. Gaspar Primary and John Merlini Secondary, click here!